Arkansas Defensive Driving Course
It was very useful and interesting ,fun, clear and positive it refreshed my knowledge of the rules and enforced safety. - Anna N.

Love the layout of the content. Absolutely easy to follow and reviews are easy! - Raul R.

I have been driving for over 35 years and I feel that this course would help many drivers to be more aware of there actions on the road. I am thinking about having our drivers in our company take this as a review. It really makes you think about all the bad habits we as drivers have just come accustom too on a every day basis. A real eye opener. - Michael C.

I enjoy the comedy interlaced into the lessons – makes them more interesting. - Madonna S.

I thought the course was well done and it helped that I could have copies of the chapters to save for my own use later. It was an enjoyable course and I am glad I chose to take it. - Journey Y.

I really was hesitant about taking the course as I thought it would be hard. Once the course was started, I didn’t want to stop. It was engaging, and kept your interest. The best part is that you didn’t have to complete it in one day. Which made it a lot easier. I would definitely recommend to friends and family. - Jonique V.

Very informative and realistic. All cases describe real-life situations which anyone can relate to. I highly recommend this course. - Keri D.

It was good experience for me. I will recommend this course to my friends. - Jun P.

Thank you for providing a course that is easy to follow and fast! - Lorie H.

I enjoyed the safety jokes that were used during the course and there were very interesting subjects during the course that increased my knowledge about driving and safety while driving. - Jonathan P.

I thought the program was great. It was thought provoking yet funny. Very practical in the approach and I have already been evaluating my driving as we all forget with age many of the rules and just practical driving standards. - Mary Z.

I learned more through this course than live instructions. The course covers interesting facts and tips which are very useful. - William S.

I thought that this course was informative and convenient. I will be a repeat customer. - Sandra T.

Excellent, very well designed, very educational and with plenty of information. - Lazaro W.

This course is great because of its flexibility around my schedule. - Eric M.

I really enjoyed the class. It was both informative and humorous. - Mark L.

The course does give many ways and ideas to improve your safety. I will apply some of the ideas immediately. - Richard Z.

I liked this course a lot better then the classroom setting because you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere; you get to do it right from your home. - Erica M.

Comedy helped me stay interested in the course material. Videos and pics were hilarious. I learned a lot. - Risha G.

Very informative and I think I learned a lot more on the site than in the actual classroom. - Fiona S.

The videos and interactive comic strips and stories added entertainment and intrigue to this course and made it enjoyable to take and helped me understand the material better. - Brittany B.

I know that I am a safe driver, but after taking this course I realize that I was not aware of some information presented. - Arlene L.

I loved the little jokes and pictures. It made it worth reading and I actually learned a lot I didn’t know. - Katilyn G.

I would recommend this site to everyone who needs to take classes. Much better then the average website, it was fast, easy, and fun. - Michele W.

Arkansas Defensive Driving Course