Having a blemish on your driving record stings, but you can clear the slate by completing a convenient online course with the Arizona Defensive Driving program. The 100% online course and the simple multiple-choice quiz allows you to avoid having points assessed to your motor vehicle and your driving record since the citation will be dismissed upon completion. Electronic filing with courts and will help you keep your insurance rates in check and driving record clean. While some drivers would like to take the course for multiple violations, drivers may only address one violation every 24 months through the Arizona ticket dismissal program.

What You Get

  • Priority Same Day Processing
  • Never a Hidden or a Garbage Fee
  • 7 Day Free Live Support – via Phone, Email, Live Chat
  • Free Completion Filing With the Court
  • Our Guarantee That This Will be the Easiest and Most Fun Defensive Driving Course You Ever Take!

There are four fees required to attend any Arizona Defense Driving Program:

  • State Fee-this fee gives you the privilege of taking an Arizona Defensive Driving Course
  • Court Diversion Fee-this fee allows you to avoid paying your fine. We pay your court fee directly to the Court Clerk on your behalf
  • Traffic School Fee
  • State Surcharge Fee
Fees Vary From Court to Court. Click Here to find your court and related fees.

It Is Important to Note

Every licensed Arizona traffic school is required to collect the same fees. If you are shopping for a school based on price, remember that the cost of the traffic school is all you need to compare. Some schools neglect to disclose all of the fees associated with their courses. They charge their students' excessive fees for processing and delivering certificates, etc.