comedy traffic school dogs Nobody likes traffic school. Okay, there are a few people that like it, but they are the exception. Usually, traffic school is simply a means to an end and you push yourself through it just to reap the rewards (better insurance rates, clean record, etc.). But what if there was a way that you would actually enjoy your time completing the mundane task of relearning the rules of the road? That is the concept behind comedy traffic school. It takes the boring laws and safety tips associated with driving and relays them to you in an entertaining way. With comedy defensive driving courses, you can expect to see funny pictures, hilarious skits, and even comics that get the message through to you without you even realizing you are learning. Here are the many ways comedy traffic school can benefit you:

It will make you eager to take the course.

When you start looking at traffic schools, most of them look very boring. So boring, in fact, that you may even consider taking the hit on your insurance rates just so you don’t have to actually complete the course. Yeah, it’s pretty bad. However, with comedy defensive driving courses, you won’t have any qualms about signing up. You like to laugh, and you definitely like the thought of saving on your insurance, so why not?

It will help you actually complete the course.

Okay, even if the boring traffic schools convince you to sign up, once you get started, you will be so bored that you will not want to finish. It will be torture to sit through one more session and you just don’t feel like it. On the contrary, comedy traffic school will be so entertaining that you will look forward to completing the course. In fact, you will love it so much that you may even finish it in record time.

It will help you retain the information.

What good is completing traffic school if you can’t pass the final exam? When comedy is used throughout the course, you will be having such a good time that you will be absorbing the information you learned like a sponge without even realizing it. Seriously. It is proven that when you are laughing while learning, you retain the information surprisingly well. It makes sense, because it’s kind of hard to hold onto any information if you aren’t paying attention.

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to go to traffic school at all, but if you do, the best option is a comedy traffic school. You will laugh, you will cry (okay, probably not), and you will get that golden ticket (i.e. completion certificate) that will ease the effects of your other ticket.

Why Comedy Traffic School is the Best Option for You