So you received a ticket for driving badly, speeding or being near a cop who was having a bad day. Good for you! It’s time for the obligatory defensive driving course, where you spend 8 horrible hours in a classroom somewhere not listening to things you already think you know; or sitting in front of your computer taking multiple choice tests through an online traffic class, which makes being in your living room feel like a job. All of this to save a little money on your ticket and keep that point off your driving record.

However, there is a better way to get all this defensive driving school stuff out of the way, appease the government and still enjoy yourself. It’s called Comedy Traffic School, where comedians will teach the class and make you laugh while you relearn everything you first learned when you were 16 (and practice every day of your life in most cases). Below are some reasons why comedy defensive driving is better than any of the other regular defensive driving courses out there.

It’s Entertaining

Relearning about what to do when driving a car may be one of the more mind numbing things that is taught in any classroom. However, when it comes to curriculum in comedy traffic school, there are enough one liners and jokes that will keep you on your toes, paying attention and genuinely entertained. The great things about the comedians in comedy defensive driving is that they make light of how boring the course is and how silly some of the things they are forced to remind you about may be. In other defensive driving classes, there is none of this entertaining humor—or if there is, it’s not intentional.

There are people like you

People who sign up for comedy traffic school will be similar to you, not just someone who took the first defensive driving class they could find. They are people who like to laugh, or maybe just want to laugh while they have to pay this eight hour penance of precious time for rolling a stop sign. So there’s a chance you might actually meet someone interesting and make a new friend in a place you never thought possible. Other defensive driving classes are very rigid and don’t encourage the natural sense of community you get from laughing with someone.

It makes the time go by more quickly

Being entertained in a defensive driving class is also less painful, as the time will fly by more quickly. It can feel like watching a very long comedy routine that has numerous funny moments and, in an actual routine, would probably need to be cut down by about seven hours and fifty minutes. But when it comes to defensive driving, it’s as quick a course as any out there.

Comedy Defensive Driving