The New York legislature passed two resolutions this week aimed at providing some measure of relief for those whose families members are struck and or killed by suspected drunk drivers. The new legislation now requires any driver involved in a vehicle collision to immediately submit to a breathalyzer test to determine whether or not they are driving under the influence of alcohol.

It would also increase penalties for anyone who is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, meaning many drivers might simply think twice before getting behind the wheel of an automobile after having a few drinks.

Legislation passed today (S.562), sponsored by Senator Joseph Robach (R-C-I, Rochester), would require breathalyzer tests for drivers involved in accidents causing serious physical injury or death.

“This bill will address the public outcry of families and victims who have many times felt alcohol and or drugs were involved in the accident that serious injured or killed their loved ones,” Senator Robach said. “This legislation will ensure, via this test, that those who injure people because of impaired driving will not be able to be repeat offenders and victimize additional drivers.”

By requiring that drivers involved in automobile accidents that cause serious physical injury or death are administered breathalyzer tests, law enforcement officials can immediately determine whether alcohol may have played a role in the crash. Armed with the results of the breathalyzer test, officials can investigate accordingly and victims can be left with no doubt as to whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Legislation (S.1835), sponsored by Senator John Flanagan (R-C-I, East Northport), also passed the Senate today. It would toughen criminal penalties for motorists who injure or kill pedestrians or other drivers as a result of dangerous and unlawful driving.