Car Insurance

The Best Ways for Students to Get a Car Insurance Discount

For new drivers getting a driver’s license can be an exciting time. For parents, the moment might be met with…

Car Insurance

Car Insurance Discounts for Seniors Explained

Senior drivers have more in common with student drivers than they might realize. They each face high insurance premiums based…


Answering Common Texas Defensive Driving Questions

The state of Texas is the largest state in the continental United States and is also one of the most…


Texas Defensive Driving Explained

Some people are asked to take a defensive driving course after they've gotten a ticket. Some people simply want to…


California DMV Release of Liability Expalined

When you sell your vehicle or transfer ownership of it in California, you might think you’re off the hook for…


How to Change Your California Address

Moving is usually pretty hectic, whether you’re just going to the other side of town or changing states. While you’re…

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