A Wisconsin Assembly is planning to hold a hearing this week to consider mandatory jail sentences for those who are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. It only applies to those who are convicted of multiple DUI offenses, however. Specifically, if ultimately approved, the new bill would impose a minimum three-year prison sentence on seventh-, eighth- or ninth-time drunken drivers and a minimum four-year prison sentence on 10th offenses or beyond. Anyone who causes an injury while driving with a blood-alcohol level between 0.04% and 0.08% would spend at least 30 days in jail.

The Assembly Judiciary Committee will not vote on the bill, and it is far from becoming law, but the proposed measure does show that legislators are looking at countering the recent rise in the number of drunk driving offenses committed by people who already have a drunk driving offense on their record.

This is not unique to Wisconsin. Across the nation police report that the majority of serious drunk driving convictions are handed to drivers who already know the process. Unfortunately, although police know that someone convicted of drunk driving is the most likely person to commit the offense again, there is little they have been able to do to keep these people from doing it again. The rate of repeat drunk driving convictions has continued to rise.

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In Wisconsin they are trying to increase public safety even more by taking those people inclined to drink and drive and put them someplace where they won’t have any access to an automobile at all.