The worst possible scenario has happened. You may have hit the snooze button one too many times, or perhaps you forgot to set your alarm at all. Stumbling out of bed, you forgo parts of your morning routine like a shower and breakfast in a vain attempt to save time. You throw on the first outfit that you can find that looks professional and then you rush out the door, car keys in hand. As you drive to work, your foot is on the accelerator more heavily than usual. You need to make up for lost time, especially since your boss will have your head if you’re late. Then you hear the wailing of sirens behind you. The police have arrived to pull you over for speeding.

No one wants a speeding ticket or a driving infraction of any kind on their record, but it does happen. If you were asked to take a defensive driving course or you opted to enroll yourself in one, the experience ahead doesn’t have to be dull, lifeless, and boring. You may even find that you enjoy it if you decide to take a comedy defensive driving course from Improv Comedy Traffic School. Before classes begin, here is all that you need to know about these types of courses.

You Can Have Fun Learning to Be a Better Driver

You may never have heard of comedy defensive driving courses before, but they do exist. Don’t worry; these aren’t some second-rate version of the real thing. You still get all of the necessary and useful information that you would from a regular defensive driving course, opting to learn online or through a classroom. You’ll pick up such skills as aggressive driving and how to overall be safer and more considerate when on the road. Improv Comedy Club’s Gary Alexander began teaching these comedy defensive driving courses way back in 1989 and they’ve caught on in a big way, with more than three million people across the United States enrolling.

You Can Possibly Receive Discounts on Your Car Insurance

One of the scariest prospects of that ticket you just received is a potentially higher monthly car insurance bill. While your instructors find a way to make you grin from ear to ear as you learn about driving in bad weather, reducing stress on the road, how to properly use a seatbelt, why you should next text and drive, and reacting to other motorists, something else amazing will happen. You may be eligible to receive a discount on your car insurance once you pass the defensive driving course. Imagine that; you have a blast and you save money too.

You Could Make Your Fine Disappear

The savings go even further than that though. While yes, if you receive a speeding ticket with a fine, it may be best to pay it right away, that’s not your only option. You can make that pesky sum of money disappear once you pass the class. Even if you take your comedy defensive driving course online and you never physically enter a classroom, you still reap the same benefits. Learn on your own time and your own schedule and still keep some cash in your pocket.

You’ll Be Happier

Speaking of happy, classes like these can actually make you feel better. While having a traffic ticket, fine, and potential damage to your driving record hanging over your head is no laughing matter, you’ll soon mostly forget about your troubles once one of these classes starts. The lessons are just as effective when funny. You won’t want to tune out and miss a hilarious quip, so you’re more likely to pay attention and absorb what you’ve learned. Research has shown that a little bit of humor makes talking points stick better. It would be unfortunate to go through a drab defensive driving course only to get back on the road and feel fuzzy on what you’ve learned. With a class like this, that won’t happen.

Back to feeling better. When you laugh, you feel pretty great in the moment, and your body benefits too. Laughter leads to happiness, which lets your blood flow normally, your immune system function healthfully, and your mental health stay sharp. Better than that, you’ll notice that your stress disappears, even if you’re still battling with a speeding ticket. Overall, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enroll in a comedy defensive driving course. You still get all of the great benefits of a regular defensive driving course (like potentially saving money), but you’ll get to laugh, unwind, breathe, and relax. To get started, visit My Improv’s website and see if your state qualifies for defensive driving courses to reduce insurance and erase speeding ticket fines. If so, you can enroll today.