The California Department of Motor Vehicles is taking a stance against unlicensed drivers in the state. A new report the CDMV commissioned shows that unlicensed drivers in California cause the majority of vehicle collisions in the state, but the study stops short of completely identifying who exactly they define as “unlicensed” drivers.

People on both sides of the ongoing debate about whether or not to issue driver’s licenses to undocumented people living in the United States illegally, but the DMV says that simply is not issue they are addressing.

Instead they say the poll centers on anyone who might be driving within the state borders without a valid California state-issued driver’s license. That includes people visiting from another state simply having trouble navigating the complex interstate traffic patterns; people who are driving on a suspended driver’s license or revoked license, and those who simply ignore the state’s driver’s license program altogether.

While a renewed emphasis on the state’s comprehensive drivers’ licensing program is likely a good thing, trying to identify a specific demographic are being “more” or “less” responsible for the data collected in the 20 year study conducted by the California Department of Motor Vehicles misses the point in our opinion.

Defensive driving is not a skill any of us are born with. To become a safe driver a person must study traffic laws, learn to correctly operate a motor vehicle and get some experience behind the wheel. Missing any piece of that puzzle means you run the risk of becoming yet another DMV statistic.