Once upon a time, men in Tennessee were required to walk in front of cars waving red flags and warning oncoming traffic that a female was behind the wheel when women were driving.

Imagine if something like that were the case for all new drives today? Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

While it’s true that actions such as this haven’t been actively required for several decades, now, the fact remains that until recent years, the act of learning to drive, has not always been a piece of cake.

Some people continue to struggle with driving in the modern age, leading to many driving schools and traffic schools in all 50 states. It wasn’t until the invention of traffic school online, though, that true change in the learning process has occurred.

What is Traffic School Online?

Learning online has been a game changer for many students for many reasons. The basic premise is that rather than turning to a book or going to a classroom filled with other people to learn about driving, you turn to an interactive computer program that offers the combination of audio instruction, video education, and text based learning reinforced by exit quizzes.

Most people take traffic school in order to prevent traffic tickets from becoming part of their records (to avoid higher insurance rates or points on their licenses) or, in some cases, to avoid the fines associated with those tickets.

What’s the difference between this and any other traffic school? There are actually quite a few differences, including the following:

  • Convenience – most physical classes require attendance at specific times and days. Online traffic schools, allow students to attend and participate when it’s convenient for them.
  • Privacy – students can study from the comfort of their own homes. More importantly, there are no witnesses when mistakes are made so that you can get jump back in and rededicate yourself to the learning process rather than leaving never to return.
  • Anonymity – perhaps the biggest benefit to online traffic school is the anonymity of it. No one needs to know that you are taking the course to begin with – aside from the judge if applicable.

We’ve moved past the days where one driving mistake can forever mar your ability to drive. Traffic School can help you learn how to be a more defensive driver in the future. It’s not all about getting out of past mistakes; after all, it’s about avoiding mistakes in the future as well.

Who Needs Traffic School Online?

While online traffic school is an obvious choice for people interested in avoiding tickets, the benefits go well beyond shaving a point or two from a driving record and avoiding at $100 fine. In fact, the benefits offer a lifetime of safer, more defensive driving actions.

People in most states have the option of attending an online version of traffic school in order to boost driving skills and clean driving records and it’s a good idea for everyone – whether you’ve been driving a couple of years or a couple (or more) decades.

The truth is that the world is constantly evolving. Drivers today face new distractions and new challenges on increasingly crowded roadways. A few decades ago, the worst you had to worry about on the morning commute was someone applying mascara while driving. Today people are working on laptops, talking on phones, sending out text messages, and, terrifyingly enough, still applying mascara while driving at breakneck speeds to work, school, and dentist appointments.

You not only have to watch out for what’s going on in your own vehicle while on the roadways, but attempt to anticipate and act defensively in reaction to what thousands of others are doing on the same stretches of highways and interchanges. The longer it’s been since your last defensive driving class, the more important it is for you to participate in one today.

We have come so far and traffic school online is only one way to show just how advanced technology has become that it can assist you with your defensive driving and driver’s education needs all in the comfort of your home whether you’re a morning person, night owl, or something in between. Call today to learn more about what online traffic school has to offer you!