Traffic school courses, which could be defensive driving programs or driver improvement programs, are recognized by the FL DHSMV, and you can take these courses to:

  • Avoid having your license suspended.
  • Avoid having points added to your record.
  • Get your driving privileges back.
  • Get a discount on your car insurance.

Traffic school in Florida is designed to make you a much better driver by teaching you how to drive defensively and instill good driving habits in you.

You have the option of taking these courses either online or in a classroom setting. Along with the benefits of having points not added to your record and getting a discount on your car insurance, traffic school can give you safe driving tips that will help you avoid future violations and accidents. Here, you will find out all of the details relating to FL traffic school, which includes any requirement, option, and benefit.

Options for FL Traffic School

It will depend on your situation, but you may have to take a mandatory traffic course due to a court order, or you can take it on your own terms to achieve the aforementioned benefits. Most of the time, you will be able to decide for yourself whether you want to take the course online or in a classroom. If the FL DMV has required that you finish a traffic school course, not doing so will get you a license cancelation plus added fines. On the other hand, if you take a course on your own terms, you might qualify for:

  • Avoiding having points added to your license due to a traffic violation.
  • Avoiding higher auto insurance premiums.

If you have not received a traffic ticket, and you are taking a course voluntarily, you may qualify for a safe driver discount with your insurance provider. NOTE: You're allowed to take traffic school on your own terms one time in a one-year period, and you cannot exceed five times in total.

FL Driving Record Point Dismissal

Those who have been convicted of a traffic violation will have points added to their license by the FL DHSMV. Getting too many of these points on your record puts you at higher risk of fines and even a license suspension. It will depend on your specific circumstance, but in many cases you are able to attend a traffic school course and have your ticket dismissed along with the accompanying points. In 30 days or less after getting your license suspension you can sign up for a defensive driving course that has been approved in the state of Florida. To see a comprehensive list of recognized defensive driving programs, kindly refer to the FL DHSMV website. For further information, get a hold of the FL DMV or the traffic court in charge of your case. NOTE: You will be required to take a traffic school course for the following offenses:

  • Passing a parked school bus when the lights are flashing.
  • Racing.
  • Blowing a red light.

FL Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

For those who did not receive a traffic ticket but elect to take a defensive driving course voluntarily, you may be able to get a car insurance discount. Many car insurance companies only offer this kind of discount to senior drivers or teenagers, but you may be eligible at any age. For further details, please talk to your auto insurance agency. On the Florida DHSMV website you can find a comprehensive list of mature driver discount courses and traffic schools.

FL Advanced Driver Improvement

Under the following circumstances, you will be required to finish an advanced driver improvement program:

  • You've committed repeated traffic violations.
  • You've had your driver's license suspended.
  • You've been at fault for multiple car accidents.
  • You are required by the court for various reasons.

If you've been at fault for three accidents in a three-year period, you must finish:

  • A minimum of 12 hours in a 3-in-3 Driver Changing Course or other advanced driver improvement class.
  • AND
  • You must complete a minimum of four hours of behind-the-wheel training with a certified driving instructor.

Please visit the FL DMV website to find a comprehensive list of 3-in-3 Driver Change classes and advanced driver improvement traffic courses. FL Traffic School Course Information It doesn't matter if you're taking the class online or in a classroom; you'll generally learn about the same things, which includes:

  • How to drive defensively.
  • Information regarding alcohol and drug safety and violations.
  • The traffic laws in Florida.
  • Road rules.
  • How to effectively share the road with other vehicles, riders, and pedestrians.

It will ultimately depend on your reason for taking your defensive driving course, but you can expect the course to take somewhere in the range of four to twelve hours. One you pass your final test, your traffic school will automatically submit your results to the FL DHSMV or the court in charge of your case. If you'd like to learn more about the options you have for a traffic school course, please speak with the Florida DHSMV, the court in charge of your case, or your auto insurance agent.