Traffic citations are so annoying, and frequently there's not enough time, money or energy to devote to taking care of everything involved with settling one. Plus a lot of the times you can like you just fell prey to some cop's quota numbers, which just adds to the irritation you're already feeling. If you’re trying to decide right now if it’s worth upping your insurance rates due to a ticket, then traffic school online may be a great choice for you. If you picture yourself falling asleep through the mundane information that traffic schools need to give you, then consider comedy traffic school to keep you going. Laughing is a release and can help you relieve some of the tension you're undoubtedly feeling when you think about the expense of resources this thing is costing you.

You already know how to drive. This has got to be one of the biggest deterrents to signing up for a class like this. If you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and were caught on a technicality, we completely understand that. You won’t feel like the information is condescending, or like it’s all a huge revelation to you. (“Oh, you mean I’m supposed to drive on the right side of the road?!? Well, no wonder...!”) A great comedic element means you won't have to figure out how to let the online lesson run while you're off doing laundry. You're also likely to miss questions if you go that route. Because while you already know how to drive, there is a fair degree of minutiae in the laws of the road and car maintenance. Do you know how thick your tire tread is versus how think it's supposed to be? Neither do I, but we probably should. It will also update you on new laws if you weren’t around during the advent of universal cell-phone use.

The instructors aren’t out to shock you by any means with crass jokes or offensive undertones, but we definitely recommend that you be ready for some color commentary on our nation’s bylaws and just human nature in general. You can still get to know your online instructors as you fulfill your end of the bargain. Skip the points on your license, and try traffic school online instead. Not every state offers this option, but if you can take it online it’s extremely handy to fit the class into your schedule. The course will use a variety of mediums (audio, visual, text) to impart what you’ll need to pass the test and move on with your life. Hopefully the material is funny enough that you don’t dread logging in because that’s our number one goal. We don’t want it to be a chore for you to pay attention.

Standard Traffic School Online Topics

  • State Driving Laws (Like Montana doesn’t have a speed limit, it’s a speeders delight!)
  • Defensive Driving Techniques (Don’t assume others can do basic things, you know, like pay attention to anything but their phone.)
  • Accident Prevention Tips (Try not to tail that guy in front of you despite the fact that he’s going exactly 12 miles per hour.)
  • Consequences of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (Hint: they’re not good.)
  • Coping with Aggressive Driving in Road Rage (Bursting into flames from frustration is not on the list of suggestions.)

Whatever your age or infraction may be, comedy traffic school can be a great choice for you. We want you to be safe, but we also don't want you to miss an opportunity to have fun. Don't sit through a class which will just be scare tactics and bored teachers who are dying to have it over with as much as you are. Or worse, teachers who enjoy making you feel like you're a terrible driver because you got one ticket. Traffic school online also gives you two VIP tickets to a club to see some non-driving related jokes, as if you needed another reason to give us a shot.