You can inquire about traffic school online, by mail, by phone, in-person at the Clerk’s Office, or at your court arraignment hearing. This, of course, depends on your eligibility. When you check your ticket information online or over the automated telephone system it will show whether you are indeed eligible for California traffic school.

What may stop me for signing up for traffic school online?

  • You have requested or attended traffic school on a previous violation that occurred within the allotted time period for your state
  • You are a juvenile
  • You are a commercial driver
  • You were driving a commercial vehicle at the time you were cited
You were cited for a violation with a negligent operator point count, such as:
  • Having a license that is no longer valid
  • Not stopping at the scene of a car crash
  • Driving faster than 100 mph
  • Reckless driving
  • Engaging in speed contests
NOTE: It is require that you pay your citation bail as well as a fee that is not refundable, prior to enrolling in traffic school, and there will likely be extra fees from the school itself.