Traffic Schools in California

Traffic Schools in California

California Traffic Schools

Nothing ruins your California day like a traffic ticket. However, you can dismiss the ticket and lose those points from your driving record if you take the specified class from a California State Approved Traffic School. Improv Traffic School is an excellent choice if you want to take your California traffic school class online.

Successfully completing a course from an approved traffic school can prevent traffic violations from hurting your driving record. In many cases, taking a course may get that traffic ticket dismissed, and attending traffic school will also improve your knowledge as a driver and raise your skill level. It can add to your safety consciousness, too, so that you, your family and friends, and other drivers will be safer on the road.

Traffic schools, sometimes referred to as defensive driving classes, are licensed and approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You are eligible to take the class if you have received a moving violation or if you would like to qualify for a discount on your auto insurance.

If you have received a traffic ticket, the county you live in may allow you to complete a traffic school class to get your citation dismissed, and to avoid having any points added to your driving record.

If you have not gotten a ticket but choose to enroll voluntarily in traffic school, your auto insurance company may give you a safe driver discount.

Regardless of the reason you are taking a traffic school class, you will gain knowledge that will prove valuable, about California traffic laws, defensive driving techniques and how to avoid receiving California traffic tickets in the future.

Taking Traffic School Classes in California

In the state of California, you may complete traffic school in the classroom or online.

Unless the court states specifically that you must attend your class in person, you may choose the method that is most convenient for you.

Driver improvement classes may be completed to:
  • Dismiss a traffic ticket
  • Avoid the adding of points to your driving record
  • Avoid higher insurance rates from your provider

You may or may not be eligible to take defensive driving or traffic school. It depends on your specific, individual circumstances.

Even if you have a traffic ticket that won’t be dismissed and you won’t earn discounts on your car insurance for taking the class, traffic school can still be quite beneficial. It may improve your driving skills, knowledge and your behavior behind the wheel.

Dismiss a California Traffic Ticket and Avoid Points on Your Driving Record

If you have received a traffic ticket for a moving violation, you may be determined eligible to have your ticket dismissed when you take traffic school, unless:

  • Your driver’s license is invalid
  • Your moving violation happened in a commercial vehicle.
  • Your offense was a felony
  • Your offense was alcohol-related
  • You have completed traffic school for a previous ticket in the last 18 months

Your county or local traffic court will determine whether you are eligible for traffic school. It depends on the specifics of your offense, as well as your driving history. They will usually mail you a courtesy notice to inform you whether you may take traffic school or not.

This notice, along with confirming or denying eligibility, should include a deadline by which you must complete the traffic program, if you are eligible.

Always verify your eligibility with your court system before you enroll in a traffic school course.

To locate traffic schools available to you, simply visit the website of the California DMV.

NOTE: If you are not currently eligible to have your traffic ticket dismissed with a traffic school course, the DMV or the court may actually ADD points to your driving record, and they may suspend your California driver’s license.

Earn a Valuable Auto Insurance Discount

Improv Traffic SchoolIf you want to voluntarily take traffic school classes, your auto insurance provider may give you a discount on your insurance rates.

If you are 55 years of age or older and you complete traffic school, your auto insurance company will usually apply a safe driver discount to your policy for up to three years.

While these discounts for safe drivers are commonly given to drivers who are young or elderly, drivers of any age are eligible for this discount.

While these discounts for safe drivers are commonly given to drivers who are young or elderly, drivers of any age are eligible for this discount.

Details for California Traffic School Courses

Most California traffic school programs, whether completed in the classroom or online, may take roughly eight hours to complete.

Your traffic course will cover many driving topics, including:

  • Traffic Laws in California
  • Techniques for Defensive Driving
  • Tips to help you become a safer and more responsible motorist

In order to complete your course, you will usually be required to pass a final exam.

When you complete your class, make sure you receive your certificate of completion for traffic school. You will usually need to submit this document to the proper California traffic court and your insurance provider.

If you’d like more details about California traffic school, you may contact your insurance company, your local court or the California DMV.

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