Handling Your Long Beach Traffic Ticket

Long Beach Traffic School Online

If you get a traffic ticket in Long Beach, California, you have a few choices of how to take care of it. You can pay the fine, contest the ticket in court, or you may just be able to get it taken care of by attending an approved California online traffic school in Long Beach. Better yet, your choice of a Long Beach traffic school online includes The Improv Comedy Traffic School! The Improv Traffic School in Long Beach CA is fun, humorous and easy to complete. You can literally laugh your way through your ticket!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s review all your options if you get a traffic ticket in Long Beach.

  1. You can pay the fine. If decide to pay your traffic ticket fine, you are doing two things. You are completing your obligation to the court financially and you are pleading guilty to the infraction listed on your citation. There are ramifications to this including the fact that your driving record will be affected for three years, and points may be posted to your license for that same three year period. That could lead to an increase in your automobile insurance. Should you decide to pay the fine, do so before the date indicated or you will subject to additional penalties. Los Angeles County Court can extend that time upon request.

  2. You can contest the ticket. . So you believe you are not guilty? You can request a trial. This will give you an opportunity to present evidence in your case including witnesses, documents or other facts that may prove your case. The issuing officer will be subpoenaed to appear, and you should know that is not their favorite thing in the world. You can represent yourself or hire an attorney. The judge will review the information from both sides and give a ruling.

    To contest the ticket you must pay the bail amount for the ticket, and prior to the date listed on your ticket, you must then take one of the actions below:
    1. Go to the court as a walk-in, and plead not-guilty. You will have a trial date assigned for the future.

    2. Get in touch with the court to schedule a date that you will plead not guilty, and the case will likely be continued and another date will be set for your trial.

    3. You can request a Trial by Written Declaration. By taking this option, you do not need to come to court to appear in person. You explain the facts of the case in writing, and the officer who wrote you citation will be subpoenaed to do the same. You should include any witness statements or documents to help your case. The Commissioner will go over the written documents from both sides and a ruling will be issued. You will find out the results of the ruling via mail. If the ruling is found in your favor, your citation will be dismissed and a you will get a refund of refund of the fines you paid.

      This option is NOT available for traffic citations involving an accident, commission of a misdemeanor, a local ordinance violation, or a violation that has a mandatory court appearance. If you elect this option, you do not have to appear in court, but you do need to have good writing skills and the presence of mind to attach pertinent documents. It would be a good idea to get a second pair of eyes on this packet of documents before mailing it off. If you feel you may have a lot to lose, just get an attorney up front. Let the lawyer take care of the working and advise you on your attachments.

      You can get Instructions and forms for Trial by Written Declaration in person from the court, or you may visit this link:Trial By Written Declaration Form

  3. Complete an approved Long Beach online traffic school. Attending a Long Beach California approved traffic school is your best option to take care of your Long Beach traffic citation for a variety of reasons. First, it will prevent you from having to make a Long Beach traffic court appearance. You will also not have your driving record adversely affected and you can maintain your current auto insurance rates.

    Make a request to attend Long Beach California approved traffic school to get your citation dismissed. You will then need to submit payment for the fine amount and an administration fee for your Los Angeles County online traffic school processing. Improv’s Online Traffic School is your best choice for a Long Beach CA online traffic school because you can log in and log out at your convenience. That means you can complete the course around your schedule and at your pace. You will also find it an entertaining way to complete your obligation to the Long Beach traffic court.

How You can Pay for your Long Beach Traffic Ticket

You have several choices in paying for your Long Beach traffic ticket. They include:

Online Payments

You can your fines using a Master Card or Visa online by visiting the Los Angeles County Online Payment System.

Payment through Mail

You can pay by mail by check, or by filling out your credit card information in the space provided. Make sure you mail the notice stub and citation and note the docket number on the check or other enclosures.

You May Pay In Person

You can submit payment for your Long Beach traffic ticket in person at any Los Angeles County Court location.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles allows for one traffic ticket to be removed from your driving record in any 18-month period by taking an approved California Traffic School online in Long Beach. This includes violations that don’t carry any points.

Information about Long Beach Online Traffic School

You can save a great deal of money by choosing an online traffic school to resolve your Long Beach traffic ticket. You see, your ticket will be masked so auto insurance companies will not see it. This means your rates will not increase due to your ticket.

About Improv's Comedy Club Online Traffic School

The Improv Traffic School is an online driver education course that is entertaining to take and easy to complete. Thankfully, the state of California doesn’t require online traffic school programs to be boring, so Improv Traffic School has taken that opportunity to the max. We’ve created a fun filled course that you will enjoy, get a few laughs out of and it fulfills your obligation to the courts.

Take it when you want, wherever you have internet access. You can complete a portion of the course as you have time, log out and the system will save where you stopped. You can then log back in later to pick up where you left off. When you complete the course, we take care of letting the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Los Angeles County Court know that very same day. This is done with no additional charge!

Are YOU Eligible for Los Angeles County Online Traffic School?

Let’s hope so! Take a look at the following to see if you qualify.

  1. You must not have a driver’s license that has been suspended or has been revoked
  2. If you are the holder of a CDL, your violation did not involve driving a commercial vehicle.
  3. Your ticket involved a moving violation. Fix-it tickets do not qualify.
  4. It has been at least 18 months since you received a violation that was masked by taking a previous online traffic school course.
  5. The violation you were cited for is eligible for an online traffic school. Some requirements include:
    • It can only be a one-point violation.
    • It can’t be a citation for not using a seat-belt.
    • The citation can’t be for a misdemeanor violation.
    • A mandatory court appearance cannot be required.
    • The violation can’t include the use of alcohol or drugs.
    • If your citation was for excessive speed, the violation can’t be for speeds in excess of 25 mph over the limit.

How to Select the Long Beach California approved traffic school Option

If you would like to have your violation masked, here are the things you need to do:

  1. Choose the “Traffic School” box on your citation and send it along with your payment for the bail amount and traffic school administration fee to the court.
  2. Choose the Long Beach online traffic school of your choice. (Did we mention Improv Comedy Traffic School?)
  3. Follow the online traffic school course registration instructions.
  4. Successfully complete the course by the 60 day deadline. Don’t worry if you’re not successful on your first attempt. Improv Traffic School lets you try again…and again!
  5. Complete the course either all in one sitting or in separate sessions over a period of time; just make sure to complete the course on or before your traffic school completion deadline.

What Happens When I Complete My Traffic School in Long Beach CA ?

When you are done, you are done! We take care of electronically acknowledging your course completion to both the California Department of Motor Vehicles and the Long Beach Traffic Court. We even do it the same day of completion. If you so choose, you can print a copy of your completion record within a half-hour of course completion.

Long Beach Traffic School Online