California is a melting pot of cultures. With some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, people flock across the globe to live in the Golden State. That means the AB 60 license is an important necessity for any person immigrating to California who plans on driving legally. If you are new to the country and would like a better idea of traffic laws in CA, consider enrolling in an accredited traffic school. You can even enroll online. Assembly Bill 60, or AB 60, is a bill requiring departments to issue original driver’s license to applicants who are unable to provide proof of legal presence in the United States. The California AB 60 is designed to target residents who are eligible, regardless of their immigration status. You can get your license at any CA DMV AB 60 approved location. In other words, any DMV throughout the state of California. Despite catering to people who can’t show proof of their presence in the United States, you still have to provide specific documents.

Applying for the CA AB 60

To apply for your AB 60 license in the state of California, you’ll have to visit the California DMV website. While there, you’ll be prompted to fill out a form based on the documents you do have in your possession. Having more documentation of your existence will help you tremendously in this process. Unfortunately, just being present doesn’t count as documentation. The state makes getting a California Driver’s license for undocumented people a bit simpler. By providing the right forms, such as previous driver’s license, employment forms, tax forms, birth certificate, etc. you are providing the proper information to obtain California driver’s license. Moreover, you’ll be able to drive legally in the state until you’re able to prove real citizenship. The AB 60 license California has created helps you in your process of becoming a U.S. resident.

How to Use Your AB 60

The AB 60 license can be used for driving and for state ID purposes only. The unfortunate news is this form of license is not a federal document. Therefore, you cannot use it for federal purposes. That means, you cannot use it towards your right to work, vote, or receive benefits. Moreover, you cannot use it to enter certain sections of federal buildings. The AB 60 is used for statehood reasons and for driving only. When you’re able to prove residency in the United States and receive a Federal ID, such as a driver’s license, then you will be given the previously stated rights.

Law Enforcement and the AB 60

Law enforcement in the state of California is aware of AB 60 documentation. If you are pulled over while driving, you can present the AB 60 license as a form of legal driving documentation. Presenting the driver’s license in another state could lead to difficulties when working with their law enforcement. Therefore, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center suggests you do not present the document to federal officials, such as ICE, CBP, TSA, or law enforcement outside of California. Doing so could initiate trouble. The center also suggests you do not use this form of ID to fly domestically or internationally from any airport. TSA could use this license as a reason to stop anyone from boarding their flight out. This could result in heavy questioning and even being reported to ICE officials. You should always be on the safe side when carrying your AB 60. Always follow the law and never participate in any suspicious activity.