My traffic school deadline is today. Is it too late?

No. As the DMV and courts are only concerned whether or not you complete your traffic school by the due date, you can complete the course on your actual due date as long as you complete it by 11:59 pm PST. This means you can start your online traffic school course now and finish it today too!

Do I have to turn in a certificate of completion to the court and/or DMV?

No! Since we electronically report your traffic school completion directly to your court and to the DMV, there is no need for you to turn in a certificate of completion to the court and/or DMV. This means you can start and complete our traffic school the same day.

Does your California online traffic school course have timers?

No. You complete the course at your own pace, so even though the course is designed to take 8 hours to complete, it can be much less depending on how fast you read and retain information.

Don’t feel you will have enough time to complete the entire course by 11:59 pm on the date of your traffic school deadline?

We have a solution for that, too. Many of the traffic divisions of the California Superior Courts grant a one-time 30-day extension to complete traffic school.

Call or visit the website for the court handling your ticket to see if an extension to complete traffic school is an option for you.

If you do get an extension on your California traffic school deadline, register now and enter promo code SAMEDAY to save $5 now.

My traffic school deadline has already passed? Can I still complete traffic school?

Maybe, but you should check with the court handling your California traffic ticket first. Some California courts that have an online system to handle traffic school extension requests actually allow you to get an extension even if the due date has already passed! It doesn’t hurt to try.

If you are unsuccessful in getting a traffic school extension after your due date has passed, check with your court to see if they allow late traffic school certificates. Some California courts accept late traffic school certificates in exchange for an additional administrative fee. Asking may save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance.

If you do get an extension or find out the court handling your ticket accepts late traffic school certificates, register now and save $5 using promo code SAMEDAY.

Avoid future California tickets

California traffic tickets can and should be handled by taking California traffic school. You can only take California traffic school once every 18 months so drive safe and drive smart. Getting multiple CA traffic tickets in an 18-month period could significantly increase your auto insurance rates. In addition, if you get four or more points on your driving record in a 12-month period, the CA DMV will consider you a negligent operator and will suspend or revoke your driver’s license so you won’t even be able to obtain auto insurance.