If you’re a teenager and haven’t yet enrolled in a CA driver’s ed course, there are lots of good reasons to do so. Likely, you’re already well aware of some of the most commonly mentioned ones why your parents enroll in traffic school: they learn valuable driving skills and can reduce their auto insurance rates and, if applicable, they may be able to get a CA traffic ticket dismissed. These are all valid reasons for taking a class if you are an adult, but they’re hardly the reasons why teens should take a course. Here are the top 5 reasons why you might want to enroll in a CA Driver’s Education course this summer if you’re in your teens.

You’ll Have an Excuse to Work Less
Once you’re old enough to drive, there’s often a lot of pressure to get a summer job. If you’re in traffic school, though, you won’t be able to work as much as you would if you weren’t enrolled in a program. Traffic school likely won’t take up enough time to get you out of all employment expectations, but it should help you minimize how much you’re expected to work.

You’ll Be Able to Avoid Chores
Depending on when your traffic school classes are scheduled, you might be able to get out of doing some household chores. While parents are extremely adept at finding some chores that can be done no matter what your schedule is, attending classes might mean you’re unavailable to do certain things around the house. For instance, if you’re at traffic school in the late afternoon or evening, you can’t be expected to make dinner at the same time — that’d be distracted driving.

You’ll Learn Your Way Around
It’s embarrassing to admit, but many teenagers don’t know their way around their hometown very well. Why should you? After all, you’ve been chauffeured around by your parents for years before you could drive.’
Driving around during traffic school will give you a chance to figure out how to get places without revealing your navigational ignorance to your parents (or worse, your older siblings). You won’t stop at your favorite coffee shop or the local sports stadium, but you might drive by them. In fact, your instructor may ask if there’s anywhere in the area that you’d particularly like to drive to, depending on your abilities and the skills they need to cover.

Spend Time with a Good-Looking Classmate
Unless you’re taking private lessons, you’ll likely spend time with several other drivers. Some of them may be fellow teenagers, especially if you’re taking traffic school over the summer — and some of them may be cute.

If there is a cute girl or guy in the car with you, they won’t be able to avoid spending time with you. Even the hottest and most popular of classmates can’t refuse to sit next to you if you’re in the same traffic school class. Since most traffic schools include several hours of practical driving experience, you might spend a decent chunk of your summer next to this person.

Try Out Your New Cologne or Perfume
If there isn’t a cute classmate in your particular traffic school class, the time still isn’t all lost. You’ll be in a confined space with several other people that you might not know. What better setting is there for trying out your new cologne or perfume? Spritz and rub before going to class, and then see how others in the car with you react. Just remember, whatever they smell, you’ll be smelling too.
If you’re a teenager and haven’t been convinced by the more traditional reasons for enrolling in a driver’s ed class, perhaps these other five reasons will be enough to get you to sign up for a program. In light of all these reasons, going to traffic school can be a great way to spend part of your summer.