When it comes to driving education students learn a great deal from their peers. So, if your child’s friend is a safe driver, you can bet at least a little bit of that ‘good behavior’ will rub off on your kid. And vice-versa.

That is what makes a new safe driver book written by students for other students such a wonderful gift.

The book, which promotes safe driving among teens without resorting to gimmicky scare tactics, is being written by journalism students at South Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida. The idea is that information being promoted students is more likely to be taken to heart by students. It is like peer pressure for positive effect and the hope is they will see real results.

The students are producing the book with funding and support which came through a grant provided by State Farm Insurance and is administered through the “I Care!” program, created by the Humanity Project, a non-profit group based in Dania Beach

The students are aiming to produce a 30-bage book full of advice, suggestions, helpful reminders of the advantages of safe driving and even a small section for parents. Rather than a strict book of guidelines and driving skills advice, the book will be full of comic strips, poems, rap songs, quizzes, games, and even a smattering of quotes about friendship.

The journalism students are serious about wanting to help their fellow students, their “friends” and it shows in their dedication. They work during school, meet once a week after school on the project and even take their work on the book home with them. It is hoped the book will be finished before the end of the current school year.

Once complete, State Farm Insurance will distribute the book for free throughout South Florida and also make it available online for free. If there is one surety it’s that the book will eventually make it into the hands of at least one student driver. Hopefully they will hear its message loud and clear and take action; become a safe, defensive driver.