After an amazing night out on the town, nothing is worse than seeing those strobing blue disco lights in your rear view mirror. Immediately, you may think of going to jail, spending thousands of dollars, and the embarrassment associated with getting a DUI. However, not everyone is so fortunate. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 10,000 deaths or one death every 51 minutes in 2012 was attributed to alcohol-related accidents. In any case, it’s important to do everything within your power to drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel if you are intoxicated. If you are like most people and have a hard time determining when to say when, there’s an app for that. The following information explains five different smartphone apps designed to prevent drunk driving and help you arrive to your destination safely.


DrinkTracker is an app designed to estimate your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). In order to use the app, you must input each drink you consume. Based on the number of drinks consume and your profile information, such as age, gender, weight, and height, the app presents a real-time estimation of your BAC. You can set a target BAC that estimates the amount of time necessary for your BAC to drop to the target level. DrinkTracker also integrates the Map function on your smartphone to provide commuting instructions or directions home. DrinkTracker includes easy access to your most trusted contacts in the event you have had too much to drink and need a ride home. The true downside to DrinkTracker is that it requires you input the number of drinks you consume manually, which can be difficult if you are in a seemingly engaging conversation and have had a few drinks.

Have A Plan

Before you engage in any type of risky behavior, such as drinking, you should always have a plan. As the name suggests, the Have A Plan app helps you with this schema. This app requires you to input a list of numbers and names you would contact in the event you are too drunk to drive. The Have A Plan app also includes a feature called “Get a Ride”, which utilizes GPS to locate and even contact the nearest taxi service. The app also includes reflex testing games, a BAC estimator, and several vital myths and facts about DUI situations.


Since your eyes are the windows to your soul, they can also serve as an indicator of whether you are too impaired to drive. While other apps use rough estimates, this app is designed to be a little more scientific. BreathalEyes uses your smartphone’s camera to scan your eyes for Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN). HGN is a type of involuntary eye movement that is commonly used to determine whether you are under the influence of alcohol. BreathalEyes claims to be a relatively reliable estimate of your BAC within a range of .02%-.20%.


Over the last few years, Uber has emerged as one of the premier ways to get around, which makes the Uber app one of the best ways to avoid a DUI. The app allows you to quickly contact a driver to take you to your desired location. Best of all, Uber accepts a huge variety of payment options like credit cards, Google Wallet, or even PayPal.


Instead of relying on estimates, Breathometer is your very own convenient pocket breathalyzer. Breathometer works by connecting an external devices to your smartphone either wirelessly or through the audio jack. After you blow into the external attachment, the app will tell you BAC. In addition, it will let you know how long it will take you to get back to sober or zero. The app includes a “Get Home Safe” option that allows you to contact Uber car service, a taxi, or reach out to your most trusted contacts. The “Stay Nearby” function allows you to find establishments, hotels, and restaurants that are still open, so you can take a little extra time to sober up.

A DUI can wreak havoc on your life in more ways than one, including increased insurance rates and points on your license. If you have received a DUI or traffic ticket, you may also be required to complete traffic school as a part of your case. On the other hand, many drivers choose to enroll in traffic school voluntarily because not only can the course help you keep your driving record clean, but several car insurance providers offer discounts for completing traffic school.