volkswagen bus traffic school online
Volkswagen published big news for fans of microbuses and the film Little Miss Sunshine. The 1970’s VW Bus is getting a modernized makeover for its return to the roads. Set to be released in 2022, the Volkswagen Bus I.D. Buzz is an electric microbus that will be a popular choice for road trippers across the country. It’ll definitely be the number one pick if you’re living in a coming of age road trip movie.

However, if you’re going to be a proud owner of your very own Volkswagen I.D. Buzz, you better know how to show it off. Nothing will be more heartbreaking than buying a microbus just to watch it collect dust in your driveway. You gotta hit the road! But, not just any road – the Californian road!
Here are fun things to do when you’re driving your Volkswagen Bus in California:

PCH Road Trip

The Pacific Coast Highway is a staple of any road trip in California. Driving along the coastline during sunset, playing your favorite music, and a montage of your friends laughing isn’t the opening scene to a luxury car commercial. It’s just what happens when you’re driving along one of the most beautiful highways in the country.

Visit the Golden Gate Bridge

One great thing about driving the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz is its fuel economy. When you’re traveling to far away destinations, like the Golden Gate Bridge, you won’t drop an erroneous amount of money on gas. You can say, an electric microbus is the golden gate to the future of innovative automotive experiences.

Surfing at the Beach

With all the rooftop space that comes with the Buzz, you can pack up all your gnarly surfboards and visit the beach. Malibu, Huntington, Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara have some of the best beaches in California. Be sure to “hang ten” and add these hot spot destinations to your beach journey across the Golden State. That’s how you use “hang ten,” right?

Cruise Control

The least popular and not recommended thing to do with your Buzz is to receive a traffic ticket. To avoid getting a speeding ticket you can use the wagon’s cruise control feature. You can also make sure you are going the speed limit when you see a police officer in any of the mirrors. Either option will help you not get a ticket. You do not want to get a traffic ticket during your drive and come back home to see a spike in your annual insurance rate. If you do a get a ticket, do not stress, you can take traffic school online to dismiss the ticket and avoid getting points on your record.

Camping at Big Sur

The minibus can seat up to 8-people or it can collapse the seats to give you space for luggage. Such as camping gear for your next trip to Big Sur. Being one of the popular locations in California to camp, Big Sur is a great way to celebrate the spacious benefits and fuel economy of your I.D. Buzz. When you roll up to the camp grounds in your fancy future bus, people will call it a Big Sur-prise.

The hype behind Volkswagen’s latest vehicle concept is growing. Within the next four to five years, you’ll be a witnessing a modern resurgence of these classic relics. So, get in on the hype and be on the lookout of purchasing your own I.D. Buzz.

Remember, if you receive a traffic ticket when you’re driving the latest and greatest microbus, you don’t have to break the bank paying it off – especially since you just bought the new car. If you enroll in online traffic school, you can prevent your annual insurance rate from increasing.