You’re a gruff wandering soul who needs danger to remind yourself you’re still alive. You’re craving a journey that will test your tenacity and spirit through a treacherous series of trials and tribulations. Also, it’s springtime and you just want to go on one or multiple road trips with your buddies.

Look no further than this well-crafted list of the most unsafe road trips in America. From isolated wastelands to dangerous, yet beautiful, mountain expeditions – you can find it all without leaving the country. Don’t forget to create a catchy road trip playlist!

California to Arizona on the I-10

This desolated badland will take you from Los Angeles, California to Phoenix, Arizona within 7 hours. Signs of civilization are few and far between on this journey. The dryness and heat level will threaten your car’s performance and your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The only thing more dangerous than the poisonous reptiles are those pesky UV-rays from the sun, so pack some SPF 30 sunscreen.

US-50 has been titled “The Loneliest Road in America.” It became obsolete when more efficient highways were built, and easier means of transportation became a commonality. Now, it sits, connecting California with Nevada. Aside from lack of maintenance, this road’s most dangerous quality is the non-existent gas stations, which can leave you stranded. At least you will have a great view of the Milky Way at night.

Central Alaska to Northern Alaska on The Dalton Highway

Not even the world’s best defensive driving course can help you escape the wintry wrath of The Dalton Highway. Most notable for its appearance in the reality show Ice Road Truckers, this 414-mile long road will take you through the beating heart of Alaska. It’s a breathtaking and isolated road trip, so pack extra supplies and a few friends to talk to.

Colorado to New Mexico on US-550

This mountain expedition will give you carpal tunnel from gripping your steering wheel so tight. Known as the “Million Dollar Highway,” this stretch of road gets its name from how much money you will spend on medical bills. You might have to receive surgery on your broken bones, from all the rock slides, or an air mask from the beautiful mountain scape views, which will take your breath away.

Southern California to Northern California on the Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway has tight, cliff hugging roads. You’ll be constantly reminded how the slightest wheel jerk will impale you into a cliff-side or drop you 500-feet into the Pacific Ocean. Around Big Sur, you can also catch sights of cute dolphins and funny sea lions!

Driving through New Jersey

The roads themselves aren’t treacherous at all in New Jersey. You won’t experience your normal dangers, instead you’ll only experience the paranormal dangers. The Jersey Devil is boogeyman folklore. The stories paint the creature to be a hoofed beast with wings and a goat head. This deadly creature may be myth, or it could be real, like the real joy you’ll experience walking down the boardwalk in Atlantic City.

If you prefer to fear for your life while driving down blind curves and have the chance to explore the cultural history of the east coast, then US-17 is your road trip. You’ll experience sharp turns through hindering forests, ferocious wildlife jumping in front of your car, and historical landmarks that are great for your Instagram. If the herds of deer don’t lead to your demise, then the world’s smallest church, near South Newport, will charm you to death!

Dangerous journeys give you the greatest stories. You can talk about how you nearly escaped rock slides on “The Million Dollar Highway” or how funny sea lions are along the PCH.

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