What better way is there to celebrate finishing your online traffic school than taking a trip to the West Coast? California is one of the biggest states in the entire country and the California Visitor’s Guide covers a lot of ground. The state stretches across an area of 163,696 square miles and has limitless opportunities for adventures. Yet, I still never seem to have any plans on Friday nights.

You won’t ever have a problem finding something to do in California. The sheer amount of attractions, eateries, parks, and tourist destinations will keep you occupied during your entire stay. With that said, we’ve compiled a list of California musts during your vacation.

Redwood National Park

They’re really big trees! Who doesn’t love really big trees? If you want to get lost in the outdoors, this is really good way to do it. The Redwood National Park is home to the largest trees in the world. If you can’t get lost here, you should consider a career in navigation.

Golden Gate Bridge

You can wonder at this modern World Wonder. The Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco with the rest of the country by a mile-long suspension bridge. It’s also a national icon.


Located in Anaheim, California, this theme park is a must if you’re a Walt Disney fan. Disneyland is where you can finally embrace your inner princess by putting a pair of mouse ears on your head.

Death Valley

If you’re ready to leave this cruel, cruel world, then consider stopping by Death Valley. The name speaks for itself. Death Valley is a desert in Eastern California. Fun fact: It’s one the hottest places in the world with temperatures hitting 134 °F.

Hollywood Tours

Taking a tour through Hollywood is a great way to spot some celebrities, see your favorite film locations, or get heckled by a homeless man. Los Angeles has hundreds of alternative tours that you can partake in as well. Such as celebrity mansion tours, nature tours, and ghost tours – but you might get heckled by a homeless ghost man.

Yosemite National Park

Arguably one of the most recognized parks in the country, Yosemite has just about everything you’re looking for in a National Park outing. From granite cliffs to black bears rummaging through picnic baskets, Yosemite is a must for the outdoor adventurer.

Alcatraz Prison Island

If you’re wanting to escape your office prison for an actual prison, then stop by Alcatraz, the prison on an island. Rumored to be haunted by the inmates of the past, Alcatraz is a fun tourist destination despite its reputation.

Whale Watching in San Diego

San Diego is home to beautiful marine life. One of them happens to be whales. You can visit California’s southern city and check out all the whales who are visiting San Diego too.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley is considered to be one the premier wine regions of the world. The selection of premium wines won’t have you whining! That’s some cheesy word play with your wine idea.

Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

You can always roll down the windows, play some tunes, and coast up the PCH during sunset. It can be your personal movie moment. Driving up the PCH will take you 10 hours.

Visit the Zoos

California has a unique and interesting zoo in every metropolitan city. Even an abandoned zoo in Los Angeles. A fun idea for the entire family can be visiting one of the many zoos in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento!

Lake Tahoe

When all else fails, you can post up on Lake Tahoe. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada, you won’t have any issue finding isolation. You can tune out all the noise by basking in California’s natural beauty.