If you are reading this post while driving, stop! Reading while driving is distracted driving. In fact, it might be considered the most distracting thing a driver can do behind the wheel, short of sleeping. Yet lots of drivers still do it.

Anyone who has spent time cruising the highways of this country has likely seen a driver reading a newspaper (I have) a book (I have) or a handful of papers (I have). Of course usually the person reading while driving is some hurried commuter, not the mayor of Toronto.

Unfortunately for Rob Ford, the current Mayor of Toronto, someone snapped a photo of him reading papers while driving 42 mph down the highway, and then posted the photo on Twitter. Ford did not deny it, and the Internet pounced.

If this had been Ford’s only driving faux pas it might have been excusable, but the man seems to have a record of conduct unbecoming of someone who drives. He has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, had verbal altercations with at least one street car driver who claimed the mayor cut him off, and was even witnessed making a rude gesture to a female driver and her daughter.

Nobody said politicians had to be perfect, but they might at least consider being good defensive drivers. For this reason we recommend Ford sit down at his computer and attend our Online Traffic School. It might be just the lesson he needs to learn before his behavior behind the wheel gets him into serious trouble.