You’ve taken the required drug and alcohol test, you’ve received your learner’s license and now all that stands between you and the open road is your Florida road test. Pass the test on your first time out and you will be able to legally drive. Knowing what to expect from the road test can calm your nerves and improve your performance.

What to expect during the test

You are required to bring your own car to the road test, and ensure that the car is in good running condition. You can of course borrow a car from a family member or a friend; just don’t expect the Florida DMV to provide you with a car.

You’ll arrive at the DMV in time for your appointment and will be accompanied on the test by an officer. The officer will direct you on where to drive, and may ask you to perform certain common driving moves. The more you practice these moves before the test, the smoother your test performance and the higher your chance of passing.

Before You Get Your License

You may have learned while studying for your permit test what the penalties are for driving without car insurance. Remember, you are required to have liability coverage for the vehicle that you will be driving, but there are several other types of coverage available to you, at varying costs. Make sure you are getting the lowest insurance rate for your age.

Common tasks on the Florida road test

  • Safe driving – Unless you are on a one-way street (or a street with more than two lanes), you are expected to stay in the right-most lane and remain on the right side of the yellow line. You are also expected to follow any posted signs regarding the speed limit and to maintain a safe driving distance from other vehicles on the road.
  • Park – You may be asked to parallel park and/or pull into a parking space during the test. When parking, you must fit the vehicle in the confines of the space without hitting any cars or objects.
  • Perform a 3-point turn – The inspector may ask you perform a 3-point turn on a wide street.
  • Stop – You’ll probably encounter at least one of these on your trip. You will need to stop before the line, look both ways and proceed once you have made sure the roadway is clear.
  • Signal and turn safely – During any turns you make as part of the test, you are expected to use your blinker and perform a safe turn while staying on the roadway.
  • If you can demonstrate all of these safe driving skills, you should have no problem passing the test on your first try. Good luck!

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