In five days last week New York police issued more than 1,400 traffic citations for speeding and other moving violations as part of their program, “Operation Work Brake.”

The idea was to focus New York State Police efforts on enforcing traffic laws within construction zones. New York has an abundance of roadway construction sites going during all times of the year. This means literally hundreds of construction workers are likely mixing with thousands of vehicles on busy streets nearly every day of the year. This mix often produces deadly results caused by drivers who either refuse to follow construction zone caution signs or just do not see them as they speed to work, school or wherever they might be going.

Traffic fines are often increased in construction zones as a further deterrent to drivers who forget they must be extra careful in these areas, but for some drivers even this is not enough to get them to slow down.

“There’s plenty of work zones, there’s plenty of construction going on on bridges and on roadways. Some of them are manned by troopers, some are not. The best thing to do is to slow down, adhere to the speed limits in the zones, for the motoring public’s safety and the safety of those in the work zones,” said Trooper Roy K. Swann, from the New York State Police.

There simply is no excuse for ignoring signs warning that work crews may be present in and on the road way. These people are there to do a service for the people who are driving on the road. Those same drivers should recognize this, slow down and even avoid the area all together if it is possible. That is a much better idea than speeding through and possibly hurting or killing someone who is working to help you.