Orange County Superior Court Judge Richard W. Stanford Jr. has been removed from office after it was discovered he had been “fixing” tickets for his family and friends.

Now, we’re not fans of traffic citations, but if you get one, pay your ticket and head to traffic school, don’t try pulling strings to get out of it. Fair is fair. Plus, it’s against the law, which is something Stanford should have realized before he got busted.

As it happens, Stanford, who works in the North Justice Center in Fullerton, had a habit of doing favors for his friends and family by arranging to have fines and fees waived in exchange for them pleading guilty,  paying  a $51 traffic school fee and attending traffic school.

At his disciplinary hearing last year, a lawyer for Stanford tried to argue that the judge didn’t realize he was doing anything wrong. Apparently Stanford was not familiar with the law, or the ethics of his office. He has since made restitution to the state for monies they did not collect and donated an equal amount to a local charity. There was also evidence that Stanford didn’t try to help everyone who came to him, including a brother-in-law who was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence.

Of course, Stanford also apologized for his behavior, but like everything we do after we’re caught doing something wrong, it sounded a little contrived and made little difference in the eyes of the law. This week a decision came down and Stanford was forced out of office.

Look, we want you to attend our online traffic school because we know it can help you become a better defensive driver and keep points off your license. But we don’t want you doing something illegal just to attend our school. That doesn’t make much sense, plus, it’s against the law.