The U.S. battle with the coronavirus has left many Americans struggling to pay their bills. As state and local governments continue to order business closures, lockdowns and curfews, out-of-work homeowners are wondering how to stretch their dollar. We have prepared some tips that can help you now.

1. Defer Your Payments

Take Advantage of Fine-Free Extensions

Various banks, government agencies, and privately owned companies are allowing members to defer their payments, free of any fines. Homeowners are being allowed to miss mortgage payments while some renters are also being approved to make late payments. If your household income has taken a toll due to the corona virus, check with your credit card and utility company to see if they accept deferred remittance.

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2. Take an Online Insurance Discount Course

Take Advantage of State-Mandated Insurance Discounts

Taking a state-mandated insurance discount course will save you up to 10%* on your current auto insurance premium without changing your policy. In some states, such as New York and Delaware, these discounts are good for 3 years even if you switch to another insurance carrier. The discount is applied to every member of your household who has a vehicle, so your family can save hundreds if not thousands. Most auto insurance companies throughout the nation will accept a defensive driving (or insurance discount) completion certificate to satisfy an insurance break, even in states where an insurance discount is not mandated by law. The discounts vary by state and age restrictions may apply. Check with your agent to see if you qualify.

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Learn more about insurance discount courses for mature drivers (55+ years old).

3. Take an Online Driver’s Ed Course

Take Advantage of Special Discounts for Online Driver’s Ed Courses
Driving schools may be closed for now, but teenagers can still take driver’s ed courses online at Our award-wining online drivers education program is 100% online. These courses have been proven effective in reducing crashes and injuries. So, when our coasts are clear and safe of the corona virus and your teen can leave the house, they can also feel safe behind the wheel. Special discount pricing is available now.

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4. Clear Up Your Traffic Ticket While You’re at Home

Take an Online Traffic School or Defensive Driving Course
If you have a traffic ticket, this would be a good time to clear that up while you have downtime at home.
Take a state-approved online defensive driving class or traffic school to keep these tickets of your record and prevent your insurance rates from going up. You can do the course in one sitting or log off and back on as often as you like. For most states, we’ll even report the completion to the court for you!

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5. Join A Referral Program

Take Advantage of Making Money While Stuck at Home
Don’t need any of these services, but have friends or family that do? You can join our referral program and earn cash for every person you refer. We provide online courses for every state. Once you sign up, we send you link. You can refer friends by sending them that link or refer multiple friends by sharing the link on your social media channels! You’ll see your PayPal account balance rise every time a referral completes a course!

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6. Working from Home? Join an Affiliate Program

Take Advantage of Partnership Opportunities and Corporate Clients
If you run a website or a popular blog you can also join our affiliate partner program and earn much higher commission. You will be joining our growing partnership network, including some of the biggest names in the industry, including Geico, the U.S. Army, Uber and Lyft, who use our online training courses to drive their TRAINING objectives.

You can create additional revenue streams for your business by earning generous commissions while driving value to your customers. You can offer online drivers ed and state-mandated insurance discount courses to your friends and clients!

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