The National Transportation Safety Board recently announced that lowering the drunk driving limit to .05% blood alcohol content would greatly reduce vehicle collisions and traffic fatalities.

Unfortunately for the NTSB and public safety, their position was not immediately embraced by groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Governors Highway Safety Association and the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety. MADD said reducing the drunk driving limit was not part of their plan to reduce drunk driving deaths and the GHSA and ACTS both said they were not convinced reducing the BAC drunk driving limit would decrease the number of fatal vehicle collisions caused by drunk driving.

This puts the NTSB in the uncomfortable position of defending a stance pretty much all by themselves. They say their studies have shown that reducing the drunk driving limit to .05% would drastically reduce the number of traffic fatalities-cut them in half, they say. This alone seems worth investigating, however, so far the NTSB is alone in their fight to get it done.

There has also been a vocal defense of the status quo from restaurant owners who serve alcohol because they fear guests who consume a glass of wine with dinner would wind up running afoul of the law on their ride home. So, not only does the NTSB not have any support for lowering the BAC drunk driving limit, they have actually already garnered some vocal opposition.

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