We know a thing or two about funny at MyImprov Traffic School. And driving.

But there’s nothing funny about these five common, yet very dangerous driving errors. These are the things many drivers don’t even think about doing–they just happen because people get distracted, or maybe don’t even realize are actually wrong. Whatever the reason they result in more accidents more often, which can wind up costing you money, points on your license or something even more valuable, like your life.

We present them here with our usual sense of style and tongue-in-cheek humor, but we want you take them seriously.

1. Left Lane Is For Passing:

Time was almost every driver understood, when you are cruising on a two-lane highway, the left lane is primarily for vehicles who are passing, or traveling at a faster rate of speed than everyone else. If you were happy toddling along, you kept to the right lane where you belonged. Today, it seems everyone thinks either lane is perfectly acceptable for their vehicle whether they doing the speed limit, or 15 mph under the speed limit. The fact is, however, police can and sometimes do, ticket drivers for lulling about in what they refer to as the “passing lane” because these drivers are impeding traffic. So, if you’re not actually passing someone, stay in the right lane where it’s safer.

2. Tailgating Is Stupid And Dangerous:

We know you’re in a hurry. It’s the 21st century, everyone is in a hurry. But that doesn’t give you the right to ride on the other driver’s bumper. Not only is tailgating illegal, it’s dangerous. The driver in front of you might stop or slow suddenly. If you’re riding on his bumper there is almost no way for you to avoid a crash. And if you do hit him, it’ll be your fault.

3. High Beams Off If You Don’t Need Them:

Nothing is more annoying than when the driver coming at you has their high beams on and doesn’t lower them. There isn’t much you can do except move your eyes to the right so you’re not staring into them. But let that be a lesson to you and put on your low beams whenever there is oncoming traffic.

4. Failing To Signal Is Illegal:

Not only does signalling a lane change or a turn give the driver behind you time to react to your change in speed and direction, it’s also the law. Police can ticket you for changing lanes without signally just as quick as they can ticket you for turning without signalling. Plus, the drivers around you aren’t mind readers, so don’t expect them to just “know” which way you’re going. Give them your signal.

5. Speed Kills (It Also Maims, Hurts And Can Result In A Citation):

Excessive speed is a contributing factor in almost every crash. There are speed limits for a reason, namely because that is the maximum safe speed for the particular stretch of road you are on. If you exceed those posted limits you run the risk of a ticket and possibly a crash, so just keep your foot off the accelerator if you’re tempted or set your cruise control.

These are just a few of the most common driving errors. I’ll bet you committed at least one of them in the past week, possibly more. Do yourself a favor and try to keep these simple suggestions in mind when ever you drive, wherever you go. You’ll be that much more likely to arrive in one piece, and without a traffic ticket in your back pocket.

Image: scottchan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net