In the midst of a very public national debate about the dangers of texting while driving, New York State Police launched an initiative to enforce their state’s tough anti-texting and driving law.

That’s right. New York already has one of the toughest anti-texting and driving laws in the United States. According to a recent report by they are considered to have the fifth-toughest law against texting and driving.

Since 2010 drivers caught texting behind the wheel the first time receive a $150 fine, plus a state tax of $85. If they actually get caught in the act they also get two points on their driving record.

Judging by the more than 800 texting and driving citations handed out by NYSP over the Thanksgiving weekend, the law is still not much of a deterrent. But it is a good start.

While NYSP were handing out citations to people who were found to be texting while driving, even more tickets were being handed out to people for other driving infractions like drinking and driving, speeding and ignoring traffic signals. When you think about all these distracted drivers on the streets you might wonder how anyone made it home safely for Thanksgiving.

Defensive driving NY has a lot to do with that. Defensive drivers understand the risks of distracted driving. They don’t allow anything to come between them and their focus on driving safely. They maintain the proper speed, obey all traffic signals and definitely take their eyes off the road to update their Facebook page or send out a Tweet.

The fact is, New York defensive driving will get you home safe because defensive drivers are the most likely drivers to arrive at their destination safely.