In New York State, first time teen drivers can earn up to a 10 percent discount on their automobile insurance if they successfully complete Traffic School. But that does not mean New York fails to recognize the importance of defensive driving by drivers of all ages.

In fact, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles has a special site geared specifically to older drivers called the Office of the Older Driver. This New York DMV site focuses on skills specific to older drivers, by providing information relevant to their needs.

The Office of the Older Driver web site offers information for drivers whose license may expire while they out of state; how to renew their license; how long their license renewal will last; what skills they should focus on; and how they can contact their nearest department of vehicle directly.

The site also talks about how drivers can assess their own skill level, without the need for an independent judge or test. They provide safety tips for older drivers, resources and information all of which is intended to treat older drivers with the respect they have earned while still providing information that will help them drive safer for longer.

The Office of the Older Driver also provides some easy to recognize signs that your safe driving skills may not be as sharp as they once were. This doesn’t mean you need to surrender your license, however. It is meant to help you understand what your limits are when you get behind the wheel.

According to the New York DMV your driving skills might be declining if:

Look for warning signs. Be alert for any signs of a decrease in driver abilities and skills. Be concerned if you:

* Have a number of minor accidents or “near misses”.
* Cannot concentrate or you have thoughts that wander.
* Cannot easily read standard road signs.
* Become lost or confused on roads you know.
* Notice other drivers often sound their car horns at you.
* Hear concern from family, friends or police about your driving.

If you are an older driver living in New York state, stop in to the New York DMV Office of the Older Driver. You might just learn something about yourself and the way you drive that you didn’t even realize.

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