The state of Georgia has initiated a new program designed to increase the security of the driver licensing process called Secure ID. The new process is meant as a further verification that you are who you say you are, and therefore entitled to possess a driving license. Unfortunately, it is also causing much longer lines and wait times at local licensing branches as drivers try to sort out what they need.

Anyone who fails to provide the proper paperwork required as part of the new Secure ID process will not be able to renew their driving license. Once you have submitted the proper paperwork your driving license will be embossed with a gold star in one corner and you will not be required to re-submit the paperwork each time you renew in the future.

So, what exactly is the paperwork the state of Georgia is requiring? It’s a lengthy list and without it, you’ll be unable to renew your license either online or in person. Check it out:

* At least one document to prove your Primary Identity (examples: passport, birth certificate, citizenship certificate)
* At least one document to prove your Social Security Number (examples: Social Security card, W-2)
* At least two documents to prove your Residential Address (examples: utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement)

These documents will need to be brought to your local Georgia state licensing branch in person in order for you to receive your new Secure ID and embossed gold stamp on your driving license. After that you’ll be driving legal.