Security has become the new catch word across the nation and around the globe. This is an effort to counter the effect of identity thieves and those who would seek to commit violent acts using fraudulent identification. The efforts have run the gamut from additional identifying documents required by people apply for first time driving licenses to enhanced security procedures at identification offices.

Kentucky has now become the latest state to enhance their driver’s license by adding additional layers of security to their identification cards. Among the changes are digital watermarks that can’t be seen by the human eye, improved lamination, a hologram with an ultraviolet “ghost” image and bank note-quality printing. All Kentucky driver’s license offices will be installing new equipment to make producing the new enhanced security licenses possible. Drivers will not be required to switch to the new licenses right away. They can wait their old one expires and it is time to renew their license before getting the new security-enhanced license. Also, Kentucky is not increasing the time it takes to get a new license or the cost for getting one. The renewal fee for a new license will remain $20.

It is expected to take a full day to install the new equipment needed to create the new licenses and the state’s numerous circuit court clerk’s offices will halt driver license renewals while the equipment is installed. That day is expected to come sometime between August and October and other than the one day suspension of license renewals no changes should be noted.

The end result will be increased security measures taken to preserve the public safety and thwart the efforts of people who might try to counterfeit a driver’s license in order to commit illegal acts. For Kentucky drivers it looks like their lives (and bank accounts) might just become a little safer.