According to a poll by New Jersey Press Media, 7 out of 10 New Jersey drivers say New York drivers are the worst.

This is no surprise to anyone from the area where competition between people in both states has been fierce for decades. The states are constantly trying to prove that they are superior to the other with discussions and tempers often flaring uncontrollably.

This latest poll will no doubt result in much the same thing as each side defends their own in a war of words. But the fact is that drivers in both states are safer than just about any other drivers in the country. This has been shown to be true in repeated studies done with drivers around the country.

What makes new Jersey and New York drivers safer? It might have something to do with the number of drivers on the roads in this area and the congested roads they must travel to get there. It might also have something to do with the number of safe driving laws enacted in those states. Or perhaps the graduated licensing system used to put teenagers behind the wheel on their own.

The resultant effect of all this effort are safer roads and safer driving experiences for everyone who drives in the area. This cumulative effect of safety, regardless of whether or not the two sides can come to an agreement over who has the safest drivers.

Safe driving does more than help the people in the cars, it effects everyone who is responsible for cleaning up crashes, treating injuries; insurance companies and the people who pay premiums which go up when a number of crashes cause increased premiums.

Safe driving, whether you live in New Jersey, New York or someplace else is always a good idea. It helps you, the people on the road with you and just about everyone else in your community.