If you are planning to seek a driving license or vehicle registration in Florida, be prepared to show more documentation than ever before about who you are and where you live.

Across the nation more and more documents are being required by people seeking identification of any sort. These efforts are being made to help circumvent efforts by some unscrupulous people to steal identities or create false or fictitious identities in order to commit crimes.

In Florida the new list of documents required is readily available online, so before you head down to the local license branch be sure you visit the web site and check the list.

Bring one:

Certified U.S. birth certificate
Valid U.S. passport
Certificate of naturalization
Consular proof of birth abroad
Alien registration receipt card
(green card, form I-551)

Name Change (if applicable)

Original or certified copy of all marriage certificates or court orders that show your name change(s) (Uncertified photocopies are not valid)

2. Social Security Number
Bring one:

Social Security Card
W-2 Form
Pay check showing number
Any 1099 form

3. Residential Address (not post office box)
Bring two:

Deed, mortgage, payment booklet, or rental agreement.
Florida vehicle registration or title
Utility bill or hookup/work order
Statement from person you live with along with two address documents in that person’s name.