During the month of February the Florida Highway Patrol focused on driver safety and enforcement of the state’s 10-year-old “Move Over” law which requires motorists to slow down and move to an outside lane when emergency vehicles are stopped along the side of the road. The FHP increased patrols and focused their efforts primarily on driver safety violations. The results were significant, but not nearly as significant as the impact they had the driving safety of everyone who was traveling on Florida highways during the month.

During the 29 days of the FHP ‘Move Over Campaign, officers focused on getting drivers to ‘Move Over’ for stopped emergency vehicles on Florida highways; handed out more than 69,000 traffic citations; made more than 600 arrests for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs; wrote almost 24,000 speeding tickets; and issued more than 1,200 citations to drivers for failing to ‘move over’ for stopped emergency vehicles.

Florida defensive drivers don’t need the highway patrol to remind them it is unsafe (and illegal) to fail to yield to emergency vehicles, especially when they are stopped along the side of the highway. You might think that slowing down and moving your vehicle a safe distance away from the stopped emergency vehicles is just common sense, but these days common sense is not so common. With so many drivers on the road, more than ever before; a multitude of new and different types of vehicles with an assortment of features and a number of young inexperienced drivers, not everyone understands the ramifications of driving in an unsafe manner.

After the February crack-down by the Florida Highway Patrol you can bet there are more than a few Floridians who now understand the error of their ways. Whether or not they will move over for stopped emergency vehicles next time they approach one, well, let’s just say it is more likely now than it was before they got a citation for not doing it.