Not everyone lives on the coast, close to the beach. In fact, some folks have to drive miles for a quick dip in a cool body of water. Like the folks who live in Minnesota.

You might think people in Minnesota are still thawing out from winter, but in reality they are all thawed and ready to have some fun. The state expects millions of drivers to hit the road for Memorial Day weekend, just like every other state in the union. Unlike many other states, however, Minnesota drivers will likely need to drive further to get where they are going, so the state wants to remind them to buckle up and drive safe.

Police in every state are participating in a nation wide ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign and Minnesota is no exception. Police will be conducting extra patrols to check for seat belt use and make certain drivers are being safe, avoiding speeding and aggressive driving and of course, not driving while under the influence of alcohol.

On April 19 Minnesota police conducted a state wide distracted driving campaign and issued more than 95 citations for violating state law. Police also conducted more than 2,225 traffic stops that one day, all of which as a result of the increased patrols.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety expects there to be just 365 traffic related fatalities this year, marking the second consecutive year of annual traffic fatalities below 400. That’s a record in the last 68 years. However, that still means one person is likely to die every single day of the year. If it is someone you know or love that statistics matters a whole lot more.

In Minnesota this weekend, drivers should be ready to go early, well stocked for their road trip, and prepared to drive safely. Then again, so should everyone planning to anywhere by car no matter where they live. Defensive driving is just common sense after all.