School is back in session for students living in Las Vegas and police in the city are urging drivers to use caution. Every year, when school returns to normal business hours after a few month summer break, police notice a spike in the number of drivers who flaunt speed limits in school zones, attempt to pass school buses stopped to load or unload students, or just generally drive in an unsafe manner in areas where children are present.

It is a dangerous mix, children and vehicles. Cars are two- or three-tone missiles made of steel and glass and plastic, that are sometimes difficult to control, while children are fragile creatures prone to darting into the street after a ball or just because they see a friend across the road. Any time these two things mix in the same area the chances for a tragedy greatly increase.

Las Vegas police hope they can avoid tragedies on their roads this year by increasing their numbers on the street and reminding all motorists to slow and take it easy.

Drivers will be reminded that pedestrians, children or anyone walking on the street or crossing the street, always have the right of way. They will also be reminding pedestrians that jaywalking, crossing the street where there is no crosswalk, is also illegal. Unfortunately, in a collision between a human body and a car, the human body will always sustain more damage, and come out on the losing end.

It seems likely that these increased police patrols will result in more citations being written for both drivers and pedestrians. What is hoped is that the increased police patrols in Las Vegas will also result in fewer injuries caused by drivers who fail to exert caution when pedestrians are present.