Congratulations! You’ve reached the point in your life where you finally are eligible to enroll in a drivers education course. You can look forward to the tedious and begrudging process of getting your very own unrestricted Kentucky Driver’s License. There’s truly nothing like sitting in a dreary classroom learning about the dull do’s and don’ts of driving. In case you didn’t know, driver’s ed is regarded as a popular coming of age ritual that has been passed down through generations.

Until the internet was invented.

You don’t have to sweat enrolling in a Kentucky driver’s education class, because there’s a secret that will blow your tires – metaphorically speaking. It’s an online, comedy, driver’s education course! You read that right. A comedy driver’s ed course that you can take online. It takes the burden away from your regular, run of the mill, Kentucky driver’s ed that takes weeks to complete. We’re sharing the secrets on how you can avoid a humdrum driver’s ed course for a fun and easy alternative.

Working smarter not harder

Most teens don’t realize that there are options for taking a driver’s ed or a Graduated Licensing Program (GLP). A driver education course could be mind-numbingly boring. That’s a problem. Nobody wants to be in a boring classroom with a boring instructor teaching boring driver’s ed.

Environments like that will make learning anything a major challenge. When it comes to getting your unrestricted Kentucky driver’s license, you need to work smarter – not harder. IMPROV® gives you the opportunity to complete the course with a digital instructor. There’s a distinct difference.

More funny less worry

Physically lugging yourself into a classroom to listen to a monotone instructor talk about driver’s education can cause excessive amounts of anxiety. That’s not to mention the heated rush of panic you experience when you get slapped with a driver’s ed exam. You also feel the burdening stress from not being present in your regular life, because you’re cooped up in a gloomy classroom.

Don’t waste time in a Kentucky driver’s ed classroom. Especially, when you can attend a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet approved GLP. That’s just fancy talk for being 100% certified to educate you, the student, on driver’s education, so you can meet the standards set by the state of Kentucky. The icing on the cake: all our simple, online quizzes are open book.

Learn at your own pace

Moreover, you can learn at your own pace. You can start the course whenever you want and take as long as you want. It’s designed to be the shortest driver’s ed course we can legally provide to students. The class is 4-hours long, and you have complete control when you want to take it and where you want to take it.

You can start it, pause it, and pick it up later. 30-minutes in the kitchen while you make dinner? Sure! 45-minutes in the bathroom? If that’s what you want! 4-hours from your bed in your pajamas? That sounds divine.

A healthy support system

A well-loving, healthy family has nothing on our support team. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our support team is built to lift you above and beyond your goals and expectations. The support team is just another reason to avoid enrolling into a dingy classroom that will bore you to failure. We will provide you the necessary answers regarding your driver’s education enrollment. The only drawback is we won’t attend your softball games.