Kansas drivers are aiming to be more fuel efficient and they are doing this by driving defensively and buying more fuel efficient cars. As the price of gasoline continues to climb, or at least, refuses to fall below the $3 mark, more and more new car buyers are doing what the Kansas folks are doing and turning to more fuel efficient vehicles to get them around.

Beyond that drivers can reduce their fuel consumption by learning to drive defensively. Aggressive driving has been shown to be the most likely car of reducing your fuel efficiency. If you speed up too fast from a full stop, speed, or simply drive in an erratic manner, your vehicle is going to burn more gas. That means you will spend all the time you saved getting from one place to another at the gas pump fueling up. Not much of a savings if you ask us.

In Kansas the winter weather gets rough so drivers have to be careful they do not trade fuel efficiency for winter driving safety. But the new fuel efficient vehicles are now as safe as their gas guzzling counterparts. There are also more varieties of fuel efficient cars available for drivers to choose from. Everything from hybrid vehicle using gas and electric or even diesel and electric synergistic systems to simply choosing a smaller vehicle with a smaller engine. Any of these choices will deliver a vehicle which gets better fuel economy than a large vehicle like a truck, SUV or van.

How far Kansas drivers will take their urge to drive more fuel efficient vehicles remains to be seen, but so far, they seem willing to do whatever it takes to throw off the chains of high gases prices and find a happy medium between better fuel efficient cars and safer, more defensive driving.