Florida police are warning drivers to watch for pedestrians and they are warning pedestrians to watch out for cars.

Central Florida roadways are some of the most heavily traveled roads in the United States. They are usually chock full of tourists plus the heavy congestion of any highly populated region; full of people going to work and on vacation.

This mix of people and cars creates a crisis for public safety officers whose job it is to keep both of these very different parties safe–usually from each other. To this end police in Florida have begun strictly enforcing existing jaywalking laws intended to keep pedestrians on sidewalks and crosswalks where they belong. The idea is to use existing laws as they were intended. If this means writing a few more citations than usual, in order to keep people safe, so be it.

They will also be cracking down on drivers who fail to properly yield to pedestrians, regardless of where they might be walking.

Authorities said 780 people a year are struck, with about 45 dying from their injuries.

Best Foot Forward wants to cut that number down over the next five years.

Officials will pay close attention to Orlando’s three deadliest streets, which include Semoran Boulevard in  Baldwin Park, Edgewater Drive in Fairview Shores and Oak Ridge Road near Pine Castle.

Drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians crossing in a crosswalk will receive a $164 ticket, and three points will be added to the driver’s license.

“We are we are going to issue tickets, uniform crime tickets, to jaywalkers as well,” said Sheriff Jerry Demings.