Being nabbed for speeding, driving recklessly or another traffic violation is no laughing matter. However, you can enjoy plenty of laughs at . You read that right. Comedy traffic school is legit, and an absolute blast. So, don’t enroll in any old NY defensive driving course after you receive your ticket. Improv Comedy Traffic School & Defensive Driving lets you reduce the points on your driver’s license and keep your auto insurance rate in check while keeping you thoroughly entertained. This is the engaging defensive driving course you are looking for.

Have Fun While You Learn how to Drive in a Defensive Manner

Ask anyone who has participated in Improv Comedy Traffic School and they will testify it is as legit as it gets. There is no sense attending a boring traffic school class when you can be thoroughly engaged and humored via an online course or in-person classroom course. Think of how nice it will be to have fun, laugh and smile while learning about how to best prevent accidents and tickets. Plenty of studies have been conducted to gauge the effectiveness of these nontraditional defensive driving courses. Each has determined comedy traffic schools really do prove highly effective at minimizing subsequent traffic tickets and accidents.

Safe Driving is Certainly Serious Yet It Doesn’t Have to be Boring

You will learn all the rules of the road and the best strategies to avoid accidents and tickets at This is undoubtedly serious subject matter yet the serious nature of safe driving does not have to be dreadfully boring. Comedy traffic school makes learning about how to drive defensively humorous, entertaining and enjoyable. This creative approach to teaching defensive driving strategies is exactly what you need to be fully engaged with the course material and drive in the safest manner possible, and yes – it will also count towards New York’s Insurance Law and provide a 10% reduction for three years on your current liability, no-fault and collision premiums.

Addressing the True Causes of Accidents

Research shows most auto accidents are the result of human error. The driver’s lack of attention, wrong attitude or other flaw is almost always the true cause of the subsequent vehicle damage and driver/passenger injuries. Improv Comedy Traffic School used this research as the basis for our unique approach to teaching defensive driving. In fact, we relied on psychologists who understand the unique psychology of driving to help formulate our course material and approach to teaching. The best part is the material is delivered with a heavy dose of humor. We have successfully converted fairly dry information into highly intriguing, funny and engaging material that successfully addresses the real causes of accidents.

Approved by the Experts

These Defensive Driving education courses are approved by the state of NY, NY DMV and all NY Insurance companies. Numerous jurisdictions across the United States have approved our material and approach. So, don’t hesitate to sign up for a defensive driving course with Improv, especially if you received a ticket in
New Jersey,
New Mexico,
Virginia, or
New York.
You can rest easy knowing the traffic school experts are fully on board with this unique way of teaching defensive driving tactics. If the authorities have given comedy traffic school the green light, you should too! This is the entertaining traffic school course of your dreams.

Have a Laugh While Learning Safe Driving Techniques

We teach all the important aspects of defensive driving without boring you. The bottom line is those who teach traditional traffic school courses are quite boring when compared to our comical instructors online and off. Though other schools certainly know a lot about traffic and the laws of the road, they are not exactly the most engaging teachers. Improv serves traffic school with a smile.

They know how to present this somewhat boring material in a manner that keeps you fully interested – and interested learners are more likely to absorb class material and ultimately become better drivers.