Your age impacts your insurance rate. A young driver is charged because they are a higher risk factor. Rates for older drivers take slower reflexes and declining vision/hearing into account. Your stage of life is a key to your insurance rate, but discounts are available for every stage of life. When you know all of the available discounts, you empower yourself to keep your auto insurance rate under control.

Young Drivers – Young drivers need discounts, but there are not many available. Is your student on the honor roll? Honor roll students qualify for discounts with many companies. Other companies offer safe driver programs for teens that may include completing a defensive driving course. Check with your agent to see what discounts are available in your state and with your auto insurance company.

Adult Drivers – A homeowner discount is one of the biggest discounts offered by auto insurance companies. With some companies, this discount only requires your own your home. With other companies, it is a discount given when you have auto and homeowner insurance with the same company. Ask your insurance agent if a security system reduces your auto policy premium. The best way for an adult driver to ensure low car insurance rates is to keep a clean driving record. First accident forgiveness and safe driver discounts are available when a driver has a clean record over a long period of time.

Senior Drivers – When you reach age 55, ask your agent about special discounts available for seniors. If there is a safety class discount available, call your local Department of Motor Vehicles  for a list of approved defensive driving courses. When you successfully complete the safety class, (sometimes referred to as traffic school or a defensive driving school),  give the certificate of class completion to your auto insurance agent. Your agent will enter the certificate information into the system and you will see the decrease on your next bill.