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Defensive Driving Texas

How to Manage a Moving Vehicle Citation - a Traffic Ticket - Issued in Texas

Attending a Defensive Driving Course is the Least Penal of the Three Options

Upon issuance of a traffic ticket, Texas offers those charged three actions of recourse. The first option is to plead guilty, pay the fine, and risk losing points on your license. The second option is to plead not guilty, hire an attorney - unless you decide to represent yourself - and force the state to prove you committed the violation.

The third option - attending a defensive driving course - has less potential for a negative bearing on your driving privileges. By accepting a plea bargain and pleading guilty or no contest, the option of attending a state certified defensive driving courses allows for the possibility of having the ticket dismissed and/or the plea expunged from your record.

There are circumstance in which fighting the ticket in court is your best option. However, pleading not guilty can mean a stiffer penalty if you are found guilty. Being found guilty - or pleading guilty without a plea bargain that permits you to attend the state's defensive driving course - can mean a higher premium on your auto insurance and the distinct possibility of losing your license if you happen to get another ticket.

Equally as important as keeping your insurance rates low and your driving record clean, defensive driving courses are designed to remind drivers of the risks of speeding and driving recklessly. In other words, the course is an opportunity for you to evaluate your driving habits and improve your safety awareness.

Once you receive a ticket, if you would like to attend a defensive driving course in order to save your driving record from further damage, you must meet all of the requirement of a defensive driving course. Those include:

  • A written and signed letter of that includes a plea of no contest as-well-as a request to attend a Texas certified defensive driving course.
  • A copy of the ticket
  • Proof of insurance (a copy of your insurance card)

Those people not eligible to take a defensive driving course option include:

  • Anyone currently attending a defensive driving course nor anyone that has been enrolled in one in the last year.
  • People with a commercial driver´s license.
  • Out of state residence.
  • Anyone charged with driving more than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit or exceeding 95 miles per hour.
  • Anyone charged with passing a school bus that is stopped, flashing reds and displaying a stop sign.
  • Someone who is charged with fleeing the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

It is important to note, each county determines its own policy regarding defensive driving courses. That means some counties are more apt to allow a person with a traffic violation citation to keep their record clean that others. Unfortunately, it is not until most people get a ticket that they learn exactly what a county´s policy is, but these courses are an option for every county in the State of Texas.

IMPROV's defensive driving course offers an online course that is a great option for those with busy or out of the ordinary schedules. It is approved by the state of Texas and fulfills all of its defensive driving course requirements.

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