How does one choose an online NY defensive driving course among the great sea of schools? Simple: go to the best one!

An Online Defensive Driving Course by Improv ( has consistently been voted the best online driving course in New York and around the nation. There are several online courses offered online and in-person where you can get an official certificate and defensive driving training, but there is one amazing reason that this school sticks out among the others, and why they beat the competition year after year.

That prodigious reason is humor. Their classes are written by Hollywood writers and actors from the famous Improv Comedy Club- the men and women who perform in the videos you watch online. You will have fun taking these defensive driving classes, and that is what sets them apart.

Other NY defensive driving courses are somewhat adequate and very boring. The IMPROV’s program is interesting, fun and will even make you laugh out loud. It has been proven that people remember material with humor better than a dry lecture. MYIMPROV.COM beats the competition again by providing material that is easier to retain.

People who have taken their courses have fewer accidents in the future, and get fewer tickets. Their classes are also easy. They give you the information you really need, all that is required by law. You will pass this course and have fun doing it. There is a one-question final at the end of the course – this test from IMPROV’s school is, undeniably easier than anyone else’s. Remember, there is no law saying these classes have to be boring, or that they have to be hard.

Most online defensive driving classes can also reduce your traffic points, which normally raises your car insurance rates. Most insurance companies also offer a discount for taking the NY defensive driving class. The Improv’s course offer competitive prices as well as four VIP tickets to the Improv Comedy Club of your choice! You will be laughing during the course as well as afterwards while you enjoy a free comedy show with a friend or two.

New York is known for their point system for moving violations, such as speeding or texting while driving. If you get enough points, 11 in New York in an 18 month period, you could lose your license. With the Improv’s defensive driving classes you can reduce those points. The program features various actors and experts that give you humorous tips on how to avoid getting points in the future. No one likes getting points, but we all make mistakes. With this course, you will get the last laugh though, because you will save money, get your points lowered, and have a great time while you do it. It’s so easy we had had to double check to make sure it was legal. We did, and it IS legal. That is why they beat the competition in NY defensive driving courses. was created 20 years ago for CA drivers who were eligible to complete a Traffic Violator School (TVS) course and have their convictions masked on their driving record. It has since grown, creating courses for multiple states, online and off.