The cost of auto insurance can be enormous, especially if your NY driving record is not clean. However, that is not the only thing that can cause your auto insurance cost to skyrocket. Sometimes it also depends on the age of the vehicle, the color of the vehicle, and even your own age at the time of coverage. To put it simply, some vehicles are more expensive to insure because they may be more likely to be driven fast or because they are worth more.

This is not always something you would like to change on your end. However, if you have a less than desirable NY driving record, then taking a NY defensive driving course can lower your auto insurance costs for sure.

How Much Does NY Defensive Driving Course Save Me on Insurance?

The amount that you can save on your auto insurance varies depending on the individual as well as by your auto insurance company. However, if you have a high auto insurance cost every month, then you can save a good chunk of change by simply taking and passing a defensive driving course.

For New York drivers or those with a NY driver’s license, you can expect to save up to 10% on the cost of your auto insurance every month. For some people, this can be a significant amount of money every month and the cost of the defensive driving course will pay for itself in no time at all.

The reason for the 10% reduction in cost is because it is something required by the New York State Insurance Commissioner by law. This reduction is also required to last for 3 years by the law and it pertains to all insurance companies that write policies for NY residents. The 10% cost reduction is from the base rate of the current liability, collision, and no-fault premiums currently on the policy at the time that the insured individual presents the insurance company with the proof of completion of the course.

The course is called a Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP course), NY Defensive Driving course or NY 3-Year Renewal course. It must be completed through a NYS DMV approved course provider.

Other Things to Understand About This Program

Since the insurance reduction of costs is only valid for three years, if the person who is insured wants to continue with the lowered cost and benefit, then it is essential that the course be taken again and passed. This can be done through an online program as well to help with ease. One major thing to make note of with this program has to do with the policy if there is more than one person named on the premium. If this is the case, then the reduction on the insurance premium is applied to all of the vehicles on the policy that are operated by the driver who took the course. However, it does not apply to all drivers on the policy if they did not all complete the course. It will only be applied to one driver. If all drivers would like to have the reduction in their insurance costs for the policy, then each driver must take the course.

Taking the course is easy, just like saving money each month on auto insurance. Every driver has the option to take the course online or in a classroom. Taking it online allows for the driver to take the course at their own pace and ensure that they understand all of the material. Once you take the course and pass, you can take the certificate of completion to your insurance carrier to get your discount.

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