Imagine a scenario in which you head over to a friend’s house for a New Year’s Eve party. You have three or four glasses of champagne throughout the night, hop into your car and head on out to a tavern for a few more drinks. You down a couple beers while chatting with your buddies at the bar. At this point you are completely drunk. You consider driving yourself home but deep down, you know it is a bad idea to get behind the wheel. There is no longer any excuse whatsoever to drive drunk or even buzzed. Here’s why.

Ride-Share to the Rescue

Uber, Lyft and other taxi-like services have made a mammoth dent in drunk driving statistics. All you have to do is fire up the Uber app on your smartphone or have a friend do it for you and you will have an Uber driver waiting at your location in mere minutes. You can always go back to the bar, nightclub or friend’s house the next day when you are stone-cold sober to pick up your vehicle. Consider the following statistic: Nearly eight people were arrested for drunk driving in Seattle on a daily basis back in 2014. After Uber became available, this figure dropped below seven per day. Similar drops in drunk driving arrests occurred in other cities where Uber is available.

Uber, Lyft and other ride-share services are geared up and ready to go on the New Year’s holiday and beyond. Do not assume it will take hours for an Uber driver to reach you. He might be right around the corner, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to drive a tipsy party-goer home and keep his beloved city safe. In fact, ride-share programs plan far ahead for a surge in ride requests on New Year’s. Plenty of drivers are available on this holiday as well as other holidays. Do not hesitate to connect with Uber or Lyft even if you are in need of a ride in the early hours of the morning. These ride-share services are fully aware that the demand for rides spikes in the hours after last call.

Ride-Share Drivers Want to Help

A survey of Uber drivers shows that nearly 90 percent of their customers indicated the ride-share service helped prevent an instance of drunk driving. About 80 percent of ride-share customers say these services helped them avoid driving while impaired. It is clear that ride-share drivers are providing an invaluable community service. Do not be afraid to reach out for their help if you are tipsy and need a ride home.

Lyft Pitches in to Prevent Drunk Driving on New Year’s Eve and Day

Lyft is extending a $50 free ride credit to customers in Las Vegas this New Year’s holiday. This credit can be used in the hours when New Year’s revelers tend to consume the most alcohol: 7 PM on New Year’s Eve until 3 AM on New Year’s Day. If you are in Sin City for the New Year’s celebration, use the code “LVNYE” and you’ll receive the free credit. Look for other ride-share companies to roll out similar programs during ensuing holidays to help eliminate the epidemic of drunk driving.

Think Twice Before Getting Behind the Wheel This New Year’s

Statistics show what we’ve all suspected: There is drunk driving on New Year’s than any other holiday. Over one-half of roadside deaths on New Year’s Day are attributed to drunk driving. Ponder the fact that it takes a full hour for the average person to metabolize a single 12 oz. beer. Then consider the fact that most revelers don’t stop at one beer, especially on a holiday like New Year’s.
It is clear that the roads are extraordinarily dangerous during the New Year’s celebration. Think twice before you put the key in the ignition and enter traffic this New Year’s. Even if you are completely sober, you will likely share the road with buzzed and drunk drivers. Add in the fact that New Year’s traffic tends to be egregiously heavy and it is easy to see why so many are deciding to stay safe and sound at home.