The new tech toy, not even released for mass consumption yet, Google Glass, is already being targeted by some lawmakers as a major driving distraction.

West Virginia lawmakers have made no secret of the fact they plan to ban the use of Google Glass by drivers, and lawmakers in other states are making plans to follow suit.

Google Glass might seem like a cool new gadget that frees your hands to do other things and allow you to access its features through voice recognition, but although your hands will be free your mind will clearly be focused elsewhere.

That is the very nature of distracted driving-that your attention is focused some place other than on your driving skills. It doesn’t need to be a cell phone distracting your attention. Researchers have shown a direct correlation between the number of passengers in a vehicle (especially small children) and the likelihood the driver will be involved in a distracted driving related crash.

It seems very unlikely that anyone who chooses to use Google Glass (and we’re going to be among those people!) will be allowed to wear their Google Glass device while driving. Police will not be able to tell for sure whether you are using the device or simply wearing it, so taking it off is going to be the only option.

This might be slightly annoying for some folks, but the alternative, being involved in a deadly vehicle collision, would be so much more annoying.