Safe Driving Does Make A Difference

If you have ever wondered whether defensive driving really makes any difference, wonder no more. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said this week that the number of traffic fatalities last year is the lowest on record.

With 32,885 traffic related deaths last year, the NHTSA said the number is on a definite downward trend. In fact, that’s the lowest number of traffic related deaths since 1949, and a full 25 percent decline from the highest number which was recorded in 2005. All of this is on top of the fact Americans are now driving more miles than ever before.

The NHTSA factors in increased safety features on vehicles for at least some of the decline, but there is no disputing that safe drivers are having an effect. In fact, as more and more drivers look at improving their driving skills through the use of online traffic school the roads become a much safer place to be. Defensive driving schools help you not only understand the rules of the road, but understand your own limitations behind the wheel.

Drivers who have successfully complete a traffic school online are less likely to take risks behind the wheel and more likely to follow the proper traffic regulations. That makes their journey not only safer for them, but also safer for everyone they pass on the road.

Insurance companies too are waking up to the fact that defensive driving courses make a difference and many offer a reduction in premiums for customers who have successfully completed a course.

So before you turn your nose up at taking a defensive driving course, take a look at the numbers. After all, a fact is a fact.